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Caring For Our Feline Friends

Cats have been human companions for nearly 10,000 years. While we may never know what they are thinking or feeling, our feline friends’ independent and loving nature is a unique, rewarding experience. Knowing how to properly care for your cat can be challenging, especially since they are experts at masking signs of disease or discomfort. [...]

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Culinary Cats and Foodie Fidos Beware: A Look at Toxic, Dangerous Foods

The holiday cooking and baking season will be here soon, so you may be pouring over cookbooks, scouring the internet for new recipes, or sorting through the pile of worn recipe cards in search of a time-honored favorite. While planning the menu and stocking the kitchen, pet owners should also remind themselves about the foods [...]

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Doubling Up: Preventive Surgical Procedures for Pets

When your pet requires surgery, such as a spay or neuter, you may be more worried about the anesthesia than the actual surgery. While any drugs—anesthetic drugs included—pose some risk for your pet, we can minimize the anesthetic procedures over their lifetime by performing preventive surgical procedures at the time of a spay or neuter. [...]

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A Standard of Excellence: What AAHA Accreditation Means for Your Pet

When your cherished companion needs veterinary care, you naturally want them to receive the gold standard in care, and when you choose an AAHA-accredited veterinary practice, you can rest assured that champions of excellence are caring for them. At Country Valley Veterinary Clinic, we are dedicated to upholding more than 900 standards of veterinary medicine [...]

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How to Prepare Your Pet for Life After COVID-19

Your furry pal has likely been lapping up the extra love and attention you’ve been dishing out because of stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 quarantine. Since many people were home with plenty of free time on their hands, there was a huge influx of “quarantine puppies,” which essentially means dog lovers were using their forced [...]

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