COVID-19 Update

We here at CVVC are committed to providing the companion animals of Montgomery County and the surrounding area with necessary quality care. We are doing our best to navigate the changing COVID-19 situation. We understand that you would like to be with your pet in the examination room. We enjoy having you there too. It’s much easier for us to talk to you directly about your pet’s health. However right now we are required to follow guidelines issued by New York State that state “Curbside intake and pickup of animals should be used, wherever practical, to minimize the number of clients in waiting areas and exam rooms.” This means that in most cases, clients may not come inside our building. We will contact you by phone or text for a history. A staff member will take your pet inside for necessary examinations and treatments. Dogs must be on a leash (we will swap your leash for ours) or in a carrier if they are small. Cats must be in a carrier.  Curbside is slightly slower than traditional service. We have hired extra staff members to help provide the best possible service to our clients that we can, but please know that it is possible wait times will be slightly longer than usual. As is always the case, emergency and sick pet exams take priority over anything else.

Although it creates a lot of extra work for our staff, we are committed to complying with the NY State safety guidelines during the COVID-19 crisis, and to protect our clients’ health and safety. The NY State government has put detailed guidelines in place for all businesses, not just veterinarians. The government has lifted restrictions where it is essential to get other parts of the economy restarted, but we don’t expect to see change for a while on safety measures like curbside check-in. Please help us work together to make your visit as easy as possible, using our curbside visit protocols. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with us so far.

Exceptions to curbside may be made in certain situations. We will allow up to two people to accompany their pet in the case of a euthanasia. If you have another reason that you feel it is important for you to be with your pet, please let us know and we will run it by the DVM in charge of the case to see if this is possible. Also, as the weather changes, allowing more people to come in may be necessary. We are also happy to accommodate a drop off appointment in some situations. If you aren’t sure, please ask. If NYS lifts the mandated curbside policy, we will let you know.

Please know that if we make an exception to our curbside service, we will require you to fill in a COVID – form, to wear a mask over your mouth and nose at all times (even when you are alone in the room), to allow us to take your temperature with our infrared thermometer to confirm that it is below 100 Fahrenheit, and we will still need to take your pet away once you are in the room in most circumstances. Furthermore, we must ask that you please stay seated once in an exam room and not touch any surfaces other than the chair itself. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you again all for bearing with us during these trying times! We wish only the best for everyone, and we hope to do our part to help you and your pet stay healthy!