Dr. Crystal is the practice owner. She has loved animals of all shapes, sizes, and species for her entire life. Dr. Crystal has always had a passion to care for and heal pets. She has owned many dogs, cats, horses, and pocket pets over the years. She has lived in many countries, but attended undergraduate and veterinary school in the U.S. Dr. Crystal graduated from Cornell Veterinary University in 1996. She and her family moved from New Jersey to Upstate New York in 2006 and opened Country Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2010. Professionally, Dr. Crystal enjoys urgent care, internal medicine, dermatology and ultrasound, but particularly gravitates towards practice management these days. In her spare time, Dr. Crystal loves hiking with her dogs, Loki and Willoughby, riding her horse, Smokey, reading a book with one of her four cats curled up on her lap, cooking elaborate meals, skiing alone or with family and friends, and doing almost anything outside and active!