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Posted :    3/16/2016
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Posted :    2/21/2016
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Posted By :    Victimsmother
Posted :    1/25/2016
Comments :    Crystal Murry was a disappointment all round I would not recommend
Posted By :    Dawn Kolowski  (
Posted :    12/11/2014
Comments :    Dr. Murray and her staff were there when my kitty Jinxx was having issues. I appreciate all they did for him. They are very caring and understanding of their little patients needs as well as the owners. I am going to be bringing all my fur babies to them. I Highly recommend them.
Posted By :    Roberta Daley  (
Posted :    6/11/2013
Comments :    I cannot say enough about Dr. Murray and the staff at CVVC. They provided the most compassionate and professional care to myself and my dog. I took my 9 year old Lab to CVVC when they first opened. Babe was suffering from a number of serious issues and rather than put her down, Crystal and her staff spent countless hours getting my dog healthy. As a result, the last three years were good ones for both me and Babe. Over the years, we went through a lot of ups and downs with Babe and Crystal was always only a phone call away, when Babe or I needed her. I especially liked that Crystal would personally call with an answer to my questions or to provide me with test results. Crystal would review the options for treatment with me and it always came down to her recommending what she would do if it were her own dog. When the time came to let Babe go, I trusted Crystal in her recommendation and was especially grateful that she personally came to the house to help send Babe to her new forever home.
Posted By :    Sylvia Manning
Posted :    1/26/2012
Comments :    Dr. Murray is a God send. Over the years I had taken my dog to THREE different vets to figure out what to do about her skin issues, and, though they didn't charge as much, I had to pay them for NOTHING! Dr. Murray knew exactly what to do...and she was so professional with me and with my pooch...She diagnosed, treated, and cleared up the skin problem in no time at all. She was worth every penny. Now Sheba is on a special diet and her coat is beautiful. No-one else seemed able to accomplish this. I am a grateful client for life. No more Pet-In-A-Box clinics for my animals!
Posted By :    jody watkins
Posted :    12/15/2011
Comments :    my dog cindy developed diabetes and dr.murray and dr. rutherford and the intire staff at cvvc.were a blessing in my life in the care they gave time went on cindy developed cancer.sugar got uncontrolable.dr rutherford and dr.murray helped me realize that cindys time had come.they were there from the start of cindys illness and stayed with me till the time came for cindy to go.dr murray and dr. rutherford came to my home on a sunday afternoon to help me send cindy to her new home.dr murray carried cindy to her new resting spot.when she handed cindy to me i understood why she insisted on carring her.cindy had two angels with her that day.dr murray and dr. rutherford.god bless them both.the cost of cindys care was very reasonable.the care she recieved was priceless. she had the best.thank you again cvvc for your love and compassion you gave me and our time of need.i asked for an angel and i got two.thank you again dr murray and dr.rutherford for being a big blessing in mine and cindys both were a god sent.
Posted By :    Deb Burroughs
Posted :    9/30/2011
Comments :    Dr Murray, Dr Rutheford and the staff are very caring, compassionate people. I recommend them to everyone that i know with a loyal friend.
Posted By :    Zung and Jennifer Ly
Posted :    10/7/2010
Comments :    Dr. Murray was definitely our go-to person whenever there was an issue with our cats. Knowledgable, good listener and trustworthy. Highly recommended!
Posted By :    Donna Combs  (
Posted :    9/30/2010
Comments :    Saw Dr.Murray for the first time 9/29 with my Dachshund Libby,wonderful!
Posted By :    Linda Simpson  (
Posted :    3/26/2010
Comments :    Dr. Murray continues to be the most responsive and compassionate vet that I know. She would even come to the office off-hours to help my pets in an emergency. That demonstrates dedication and commitment to the animals and owners that she serves!
Posted By :    Laurie Andreacci  (
Posted :    2/23/2010
Comments :    Dr. Murray was more to me than just a vet. I consider her a friend. Not only did she care for my house pets (dogs and cats) but she helped me with my sheep and goats whenever I called. Never slow to respond, she took as much care of my animals as she did her own. Truely, one of a kind, the vet that we all dream of having.
Posted By :    Mandi Vilares  (
Posted :    2/18/2010
Comments :    Dr Murray was an Associate at our Veterinary Clinic for many years. She is a wonderfully compassionate individual and an excellent Veterinarian. We wish her and her family the very best with their new hospital. If you care about your pets, Dr Murray is a wonderful choice! - Chesterfield Veterinary Clinic
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